Module Annet

module Annet: sig .. end
ANNiML main functions.

val anniml_training : string -> string -> string -> int * Ann_func.vector
anniml_training fnet fwts fpatterns returns a couple (i,w) where i is the iteration at which the training stopped, and w is the resulting weights vector. The network's topology and weights are also saved in fnet and fwts respectively.
val anniml_test : string -> string -> string -> unit
anniml_test fnet fwts fpatterns tests the network with topology file fnet and weights file fwts, on patterns fpatterns.

type input =
| Vector of float array
| Pattern of int (*Type of input to the anniml_run function. It is either an input vector, or a pattern number.*)
val anniml_run : string -> string -> input -> Ann_func.vector
anniml_run fnet fwts input runs the network with topology file fnet and weights file fwts on an input vector input and returns an output vector y.
val anniml_predict : string -> string -> string -> string -> unit
anniml_predict fnet fwts finputs fpredict makes predictions on a file of input vectors finputs. The results are saved in file fpredict.