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The documents are listed through 4 categories :

and can also be retrieved by authors.

Robots may also follow this link to get the complete list of online available papers.

In case of troubles

Most publications of the laboratory can be downloaded. Each document is introduced by an abstract. All available documents are in Postscript (get the gzipped version for a faster transfer if you have gzip) and PDF.

PDF documents can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader acroread , or even with xpdf on Linux systems.

Some PDF documents have been converted from Postscript documents written with computer modern fonts. These documents look ugly when seen on screen, but should be perfect when printed.

If you are using a computer under MS/DOS, Windows, Windows-95 or OS/2 and have no Postscript previewer and no Postscript printer, you can download Aladdin ghostscript and gsview here. However, with such a configuration, we strongly suggest that you get documents in PDF format as acrobat reader is easier to install than Ghostscript.

If your web explorer is properly configured and either Acrobat or/and Ghostscript is properly installed, you should experience no problem. However, if the viewer does not start when left clicking on the document, you can save it to disk by right clicking on the link, and then start manually your viewer on the saved file.

Some of the documents are available directly in HTML form. However, if you are using Netscape 4 with X11/Unix you should add the following line to your .Xdefaults or .Xresources file: Netscape*documentFonts.charset*adobe-fontspecific: iso-8859-1

For Netscape 6, Mozilla, Konqueror and others, have a look here, but we cannot guarantee anything...

Remember however that mathematical formulae can sometimes look weird when translated from LATEX even if HEVEA is doing a great job.

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