Nicolas Durand

Ingénieur en Chef des Ponts, des Eaux et des Forêts

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Curriculum Vitae

Professional activities

I mainly work on the application of Metaheuristics (such as Evolutionary Computation, Ant Colony Optimization) and Global Optimization approaches such as Interval Branch and Bound Algorithm to Air Traffic Management (ATM) Problems. My favorite problem is the Conflict Resolution Problem with differents approaches (autonomous or centralized, two dimension toy problems or large scale realistic environments). There is still a lot to be done in this area. I am also interested in many other applications including airport taxiing, optimized take off slot allocation. More recently, I worked on Cooperative Hybridization methods using Interval Analysis and Metaheuristics.

I teach Optimization methods to ENAC and ENSEEIHT engineers. I also teach an "Introduction to Research" class to Air Traffic Controller.

I am a member for the program committees for three conferences: (1) Artificial Evolution (2) Air Traffic Management (ATM) USA/EUROPE R&D seminar and (3) International Conference on Research in Air Transportation (ICRAT). I am also reviewer for several other conferences.


My publications are here and those of the other former team members are there.

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