SARGe: Sector-Less Automatic Route Generator


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The paradigm that the Sector-Less concept investigates is the trajectory-based individual control as opposed to the airspace-based sector control currently used. In this concept the role of the controller is radically different from the actual one: instead of having two controllers controlling one sector containing n aircrafts, one controller will be responsible for a number of m aircrafts, from departure to arrival terminal areas (TMA).

The aim of the SARGe project is to generate a route network which will both fit into the Sector-Less concept and provide an aeroplane with the shortest route possible. The approach chosen is to generate a suitable simple route network for Sector-Less and to improve it by using optimisation techniques such as a simulated annealing algorithm or a genetic algorithm.


Here is an example of the initial route network used. It's main characteristics are:

An initial route network

The best solution found so far is presented below. The average global extension of trajectories in comparison with the length of direct routes is worth 16% in this case (it worth from 7% to 11% in the current route network).

The best route network so far


Main publications

- Sector-Less Air Traffic Management Vu Duong, Gilles Gawinowski, Jean-Pierre Nicolaon, Darren Smith ATM2001 (2001/12/03)

All publications of the lab can be found here.

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