SAGES is a prospective study on conflict resolution by speed regulations. It consists in implementing a pre-tactical solving filter, using only speed regulations of low amplitude. The higher allowed amplitude is function of the uncertainty of aircraft speed.

SAGES itself consists in an evaluation of this concept's efficiency depending on various parameters:

This evaluation is being carried on the CATS simulator, using its centralized conflict solver algorithms ERCOS.

SAGES was a part of the european ERASMUS project (see bibliography below). Now SAGES and ERASMUS have ended.

Main publications

A statistical analysis of the influence of vertical and ground speed errors on conflict probe Jean-Marc Alliot and Nicolas Durand and Geraud Granger ATM 2001 (2001/07/01)

Publications describing the CATS fast-time simulator are available on the CATS project homepage.

Publications describing the ERCOS project are available on the ERCOS project homepage.

All the publications of the POM team are available here.

The publications of the former LOG (Global optimization lab) are available there.

Abridged bibliography

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