FACES: Free-Flight Autonomous Conflict Enhanced Solver


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FACES is an autonomous and coordinated embarked (on board) conflict solver for Free Flight airspace. It solves conflict by computing simple manoeuvres that guarantee conflict free trajectories for the next 5 minutes. Coordination is ensured by giving sequential manoeuvres to aircraft with a token allocation strategy in order to solve the priority problem encountered in the Eurocontrol FREER-1 project.

FACES can be implemented with the current positioning, broadcasting and flight management technology. Moreover, it is robust to communication or system failure for time up to two minutes.

This is a very simple example of a resolution of a 3 aircraft conflict. Aircraft 808, 989 et 338 are in conflict, and 338 turns right to avoid collision with 989 and overtake 808 (figures close to each planes are the callsign, the heading, the flight level and the speed).

One of the other objectives of this project was a comparison of the centralized and distributed strategies for solving conflicts (see also projects ERCOS and SAGES ). One of the most interesting results of FACES was to show that the centralized approach was more capacitive than the autonomous one.

FACES was implemented as a module of the CATS simulator, and tested on real traffic data.

FACES is thoroughly described in the publications available at the end of this page.


FACES is not in the public domain.

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Main publications

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All the publications of the log are available here.

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