ATOS is a fast time ground traffic simulator, developed in collaboration with the ATT division (Airport, Tower and Terminal areas) of the CENA (French Aviation Studies Center). At each simulation step, the incoming trajectories of aircraft are forecasted and some optimization methods are used to find a solution for each cluster of conflicting aircraft.

As an input, the simulator takes a detailed description of the gates, taxiways and runways (which is available for Roissy and Orly airports) in order to manage the actual traffic (real flightplan) related to the airport. Three different optimization methods can be applied in order to minimize the taxiing time while ensuring aircraft separations and runways sequencing :

The tool can be run under a Graphical User Interface, which allows to visualize the evolution of the traffic situations during the simulation or to replay any traffic sample.


Here are some traffic situation at Roissy, where the uncertainty positions of aircraft are represented by arrows and where the clusters of conflicting aircraft are identified by colors :

The following animations (in MPEG format) show the evolution of each cluster of conflicting aircraft during some different period of the day:


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