The Automatic Conflict Solver

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Quick start

Just click four times on the add , then on the solve button. Wait for the lines to appear and click on the >> button to see the proposed resolution.

Then, if you want to add another aircraft, click on the reset button, click on the >> button and wait until the time display is around 900 (aircraft should be in the middle of the window). Then click on the stop button and click on add .

Reread the documentation below if you want to do more complex things, such as changing aircraft heading and speed.

If you are lost, click on the reload button of your navigator for a fresh start.

How to use it?

You can use this Java applet to create a conflict involving many aircraft, and see how our algorithms will solve it. The following buttons are available: The mouse can also be used: The values used are

The automatic solver have the following constraints:

When two aircraft are in conflict, a red line joining their nose will appear. The algorithms are able to solve conflicts with lot of aircraft, but they have to be separated enough at the start of the time window.

Useful links

This applet is only a toy application. If you want to know more about our optimal conflict resolution project, please read our scientific publications. The ERCOS project page is a good start point.

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