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The ABALONE applet

This ABALONE applet is a very simple JAVA program, only made to demonstrate an Abalone program based on an alpha-beta algorithm.

You can follow this link to verify the compatibility of your machine or download the Java VM.

The rules of Abalone can be found here .

You always play first. The default level is 0. The program at that level plays almost immediately, but you can experience a network lag; the program is running on our machines, and the applet only sends the current position and displays the response. Level 1 is 1 second/move and level 2 is 3 seconds/move.

A single move in Abalone can imply moving many stones. The following examples show how to do it using the applet.

Moving three stones in the same direction:

An example of a sumito (push):

Moving three stones in parallel:

The move is checked and made by the applet by pushing the Go button. You can restart your move by clicking on the Undo button.

About Game programming

If you want to learn more about game programming go to my page here .

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